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Trail performance. Park jog. Yoga class. No matter the environment, find your next favorite pair of KUHL women's leggings - designed for stylish comfort.

Women's leggings (thighs or yoga pants) are very slim, light pants made from soft and stretchy fibers. Good leggings cover your legs like another layer of skin - keeping you protected and warm and providing much more comfort than your standard pants. Thanks to flexible materials and a slim fit that follows contours of your body, they provide unlimited freedom of body movement, which makes them a must-have for an active lifestyle. Don't mix leggings and jeggings, though – they're not the same. Jeggings are usually very tight jeans or tight pants that look like jeans. Thinner than leggings, they could be made of denim, with a lot of spandex and other stretchy materials. Check out the Harmony™ Jegging, for example. These top-quality outdoor jeggings feature KONTOUR™ nylon-spandex blend, which is soft and durable, so you can have all the benefits of leggings while keeping the feel of real pants that are versatile and not show underwear. Unlike other jeggings that usually have fake pockets, Harmony Jeggings have four real pockets, a contoured waistband, and an internal drawcord for added comfort.

The best women's leggings are made of soft, flexible, lightweight materials, such as nylon, spandex, polyester, and have excellent performance on both a trail and a local park. Take a look at the Enduro Revers™ Legging, made of 45% Tactel Nylon, 24% Spandex, 16% Nylon and 15% Polyester. This blend of materials makes them ultra-soft and highly abrasion-resistant, so you get a soft, lightweight piece of clothing that is durable and elastic as well. Skinny fit and a high rise keep them reliable when you're active, and flatlock seaming provides additional comfort. That's everything the best women's leggings should be!

The best leggings for hiking in the summer are made from lightweight, comfortable, durable materials and designed to let your body move and breathe while protecting from the heat and moisture. You can find this all-round experience of women's hiking leggings in Travrse™ Legging. This top-performance legging has panels made of harmony knit fabric at sides to prevent your body from overheating on a challenging hike. Premium-quality softshell materials make them reliable and durable, protecting your body from both sun and water, with a UPF 50+ feature and C6 durable water repellent finish. Harmony knit fabric at the inseam and waistband combined with stretch at front and back adds to comfort and breathability. An envelope pocket for your phone at the right tight is yet another rockstar detail to have you ready to tackle any challenging summer trail. If you are looking for styles that feature more pockets, check out our cargo pants for women.

When buying women's leggings online, you'd want to know precisely which fabrics they are made of and (if it's a blend of materials) what's the ratio between them. This way you'll avoid low-quality clothing filled with cheap spandex that will start bagging and ripping after one wearing, or keep you sweaty underneath and heated up on the surface for the whole day, which is much worse. Durable, technical, and high-performance fabrics are long-lasting and reliable, and undeniably better for your body, and they pay off in the long term. Also, look for leggings that are design-adjusted to an activity you're interested in. You can use the same leggings for yoga and trail running, but you don't really need breathable side panels and pockets for yoga. For highly demanding outdoor activities such as hiking, the old go-to leggings you randomly picked up on a shopping mall sale won't do well. Look for highly technical leggings, such as Weekendr™ Tight. These tight, lightweight hiking pants are specifically designed for outdoor activities, with three different fabric blends that optimize every part of them, from waist to ankles. Tested and confirmed to be highly resistant to abrasion, these soft and lightweight tights are reliable and durable. The wicking mesh panels made of stretch woven throughout pant; they let your body breathe, keep you dry and help in regulating body temperature with improved air circulation. Skinny fit, mid-rise, pockets, and durable water repellent addition keep you comfortable and moisture-protected on your hikes. Always check if the design and features of the leggings are built for the intended activity.