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KUHL Sustainability Logo
KUHL Mountains black, white, gray vector
KUHL environmental overview logo

Success at KÜHL is not measured by profits alone. We are passionate about the products we make, and we are inspired by the people and places that motivate our designs. When we cultivate, manufacture, and distribute our products, we understand our actions impact the environment, workforce and community. Our operations influence our existence, and our responsibility to reduce impact extends to every component of our brand.

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The use of resources has unavoidable implications for the environment. However, thoughtful sourcing and manufacturing can minimize overall impact. KÜHL uses high quality materials and thoughtful, accountable manufacturing processes for finished products that embody longevity and durability.

KUHL environmental - supply chain logo

Many negative impacts attributed to the apparel industry - including exploited labor, environmental degradation, and quality reduction - stem from cost reductions justified by less expensive products. KÜHL selects its manufacturers based on the quality of materials supplied, like-minded business practices, and accountability.

Many standardization and certification processes arose to oppose injustices in labor laws, animal welfare, and environmental impact. KÜHL pursues these credentials when they hold merit, logic, and applicability towards our operations.

KUHL environmental - involvement logo
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We are proud partners with several local organizations in Utah, as well as national and international non-profits, that stand up to the establishment and influence change on a variety of issues.

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KÜHL is pleased to be an integrated part of the Wasatch Cache’s unique mountain culture. We live, work, and play in the multifaceted region around Salt Lake City, Utah. KÜHL was conceived here, we found success here, and we see our future here. We continue to invest in strategies to reduce the impact of our headquarter

If ethics were profitable, every
business would have them.

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