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Men's Baselayer Tops










Discover how men's baselayers tops are designed to withstand the cold and keep the momentum in the outdoors.

A top-quality baselayer regulates your body temperature while you’re active in the outdoors. In the cold weather, wearing a lightweight baselayer top next to the skin preserves your body warmth, while reducing bulk, wicking the sweat and keeping you dry. Whether you’re wearing it alone or as one of the layers under your jacket, the powerful performance in a light and thin men’s baselayer top makes it the most comfortable gear for staying active and enjoying the outdoors. Check out the Motiv Zip Neck. This men’s baselayer top made of polyester features a soft jersey knit with textured brushed back, which gives it softness and ultra-wicking abilities. Together with the lightweight mesh under arms that improve breathability, Motiv Zip Neck ensures you’ll stay dry and comfortable. A 3D patterning for a great fit, DYNAMIK™ stitching, and an odor-resistant finish make this men’s baselayer top a perfect premium-quality gear for high-powered activities in the cold season or just having fun outdoors in the chilly spring mornings.

Recently, the manufacturers have been turning to merino wool fabric, for its softness on the skin and its natural ability to regulate body temperature. Merino wool is a breathable, natural material that performs very well when it comes to durability and wicking moisture. That makes it one of the best fabrics for base layers. Baselayer tops are also made of polyester, as it’s the material that provides maximum warmth with the minimum weight and thickness. Also, polyester is durable and highly resistant to abrasion. The best thing about polyester is that it has the best drying time, even better than merino wool, so you won’t stay sweaty or wet while being active outdoors for a longer time. Have a look at the Akkomplice™ Krew. This long underwear crew top is made from the original KOREKONTROL™ fabric - the top-quality polyester that has been technically improved to remove chaffing, keep you dry, and feel good against the skin. Featuring lightweight mesh under arms and Dynamik™ stitching, the breathable and warm men’s baselayer top is all you need for layering in the cold weather. Whether you’re going to wear it for skiing/snowshoeing, taking a brisk walk in the morning air, or just casually working around the house, you can stay comfortable, thanks to the 3D patterning for the best fit and the added odor-resistant finish.

Hikers and cyclists spend a lot of time being active in the outdoors, which is why they appreciate layering and top-quality outdoor gear. Baselayer is an essential part of their apparel since it is soft and lightweight, regulates body temperature, has moisture-wicking and quick-drying abilities, and a comfortable and professional design adjusted to the needs of an outdoor explorer. When you’re heading out for an outdoor adventure, you want to make sure you’ve packed powerful gear that will keep you warm and dry but is also lightweight and low bulk. The best way to do that is to dress in layers, starting with a top-quality baselayer such as the KÜHL Akkomplice Hoody. This men’s baselayer hoody combines the innovative KoreKontrol™ fabric with an adventure-adjusted design that features 3D patterning and lightweight mesh under arms. The unique blend of innovative fiber, tailored design, and stylish looks will keep you warm and comfortable while protecting you from moisture and odor. Wear it solo or under your jacket, in two more types: Akkomplice Zip Neck and Akkomplice Krew.